News site ignores centuries of research, declares male and female bodies identical

August 3, 2023

By Tim Worstall

Jezebel wants to insist that male and female bodies are not different. Instead it’s all a plot by the capitalist patriarchy to undervalue women. No, really – everything.

The specific issue here is anterior cruciate ligament injuries in soccer players. Women players do suffer ACL injuries at a higher rate than male players, this is true. The general explanation is that:

“Frustratingly, there is still contention amongst scientists over why women are more prone to these injuries than men. “There are obvious anatomical differences” between men’s and women’s knees,” Martin Hagglund, a professor of physiotherapy at the University of Linkoping in Sweden, told the NYT. Some suggest that women’s wider hips result in less stable knee structures, others suggest the ACL is smaller in women and therefore more prone to tears, while still, others point to menstrual cycles as a potential cause.”

Well, there we have it, men and women are equal yet also different. As any adult knows to be true. This isn’t enough for the woke and progressive of course:

“Blaming ACL tears solely on our biological makeup, however, is inherently problematic. It suggests women athletes are taking on more risks playing sports just because they’re women. It also conveniently ignores the giant elephant in the room: The world still doesn’t value women’s soccer enough.”

Female soccer players get paid less than male players because the female version of the game sells fewer tickets. This is, apparently, why women’s knees go more often – not enough people watch the game.

Alternatively, we can park the wilder shores of woke and progressive feminism where they should be, out of our minds, and accept the basic truth about the human species. Men and women are equal and should, must be treated so. But there are also differences and that’s just the way the world is. Including that the female knee is perhaps weaker, than the male knee.

Every thinking adult knows that this is true. But here we’ve one of the major new media outlets insisting that it’s all a plot, something being imposed by that capitalist patriarchy that so undervalues women’s efforts. Which is something rather dangerous – an insistence on ignoring reality always is dangerous. But that’s the way they’re going to run – sorry, hobble – with it. We’re not going to be able to change the world enough to beat biological reality but it’s certainly possible to make an entire mess of what we’ve got while trying to do so.


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