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In view of the good relationship you have established with President Bush, I join in petitioning you to cooperate in making known the fate of the 269 persons, including Cong. Larry McDonald and 60 other Americans, aboard KAL 007 when it crash landed near Sakhalin on Sept. 1, 1983. Radar tracking tells us that the 747 made a controlled descent and that there were too few bodies or parts to prove that more than a dozen people died. Many shoes washed up on beaches, but no life jackets, no luggage and very few personal effects were found, an indication that nearly all survived. If you are told that there were no survivors, please ask why there is so little evidence of death and so much of survival. Since the black box tapes made public in 1993 covered only 104 seconds after the missile hit, please make public tapes covering all 13 minutes of the descent.

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