Ms. Condace Pressley
National Association of Black Journalists
University of Maryland
8701-A Adelphi Road
Adelphi, Maryland 20783

Dear Ms. Pressley:

The web site of the NABJ declared that disgraced New York Times journalist Jayson Blair “was not a member” of your organization. But you told William McGowan on C-SPAN that Blair was a member but let his membership lapse. McGowan forced you to concede that Blair was a member in order to nominate New York Times managing editor Gerald Boyd as NABJ “Journalist of the Year.” It is time to be forthright about the Blair scandal and the damage that it has inflicted on the journalism profession. As a group that promotes the kind of diversity program that got Blair his position at the Times, the NABJ bears special responsibility in getting to the bottom of this scandal and making sure it doesn’t happen again. Such an effort should start with being honest about Blair’s membership in NABJ. You should correct the false statement on your web site.