Endangered Liberties Commentary, FCF Vice President for Technology Policy Lisa Dean
March 16, 2000

Dr. Laura Schlessinger has said recently on her program, "when conservatives express their views, it's called 'hate speech.'  When the Left expresses its view, it's called 'free speech.'  When conservatives disagree with the liberal point of view, they belong to a conspiracy." Given the recent chain of events in the news regarding Dr. Laura's latest career move, no one could attest to the veracity of that statement better than she can.  Last month, Paramount television offered Dr. Laura her own nationally-syndicated television program.  When the announcement was made publicly, there was an outcry from the Left, specifically homosexual rights groups.   How could you give that 'hateful' and 'homophobic' woman an even greater platform to spew her "pseudo-science," as they call it, toward homosexuals? they cried.   After all, she says that our lifestyles are immoral.  She tells us that our behavior is wrong.  She's "judgmental," they whine.

No, she's simply telling the truth.  We live in an age where objective moral truth is fast becoming a foreign concept.  After all, it only matters how you "feel" about something and how you make others feel that makes an act or belief right or wrong.  And God help you if you dare ignore feeling and speak objectively and with conviction, as Dr. Laura does, about God's law on matters such as homosexuality, because if you do, you don't make people "feel good" and even hurt their self-esteem!  That makes you undoubtedly 'hateful' and a card-carrying member of Hillary Clinton's imaginary "vast right wing conspiracy" and therefore, the First Amendment of the Constitution does not apply to you.

The Child Welfare League of America, the National Mental Health Association of America in cooperation with the Horizons Foundation is running full-page ads in the New York Times, L.A. Times, San Francisco Chronicle and San Francisco Examiner asking Dr. Laura to consider the effects that her anti-homosexual statements are having on children.   Well I assure you that any effect that Dr. Laura's statements will have will be far more positive on children than any made by these groups, but nevertheless, in addition to the ads, these same groups have formed a coalition to prevent Dr. Laura from expanding into television.  They are getting thousands of people to write letters to Paramount protesting a Dr. Laura television program.  They even established a website to stop this "hateful and judgmental" woman from saying these awful things so that they can go on living their immoral lives with no one to make them feel bad about themselves!

These organizations have planned a day of protest outside the Paramount studios in the hopes of making the studio executives feel bad enough about themselves to cancel their plans for a Dr. Laura television program.  The result is that local stations which originally signed up to take Dr. Laura's television program are now reportedly reconsidering their decision.

Listen, we can sit here all day using sarcasm and ridicule in response to these radical, immoral, left-wing groups but that's not going to be effective.  Remember, this has nothing to do with "hatefulness" or "judgementalism."   This is about silencing your opposition by stripping them of their First Amendment rights.  To groups such as those I've mentioned, the First Amendment applies only to those who agree with their positions and for those who disagree, they work tirelessly to silence all in the name of preserving "free speech" when it fact, it's designed specifically to stifle speech and ideas that run contrary to their own.  The objective for us here is to preserve truth and defend those who proclaim it.  These pro-homosexual groups are proving that putting pressure on networks is effective so let's put pressure on Paramount to take a Dr. Laura television program.  Remind them that the First Amendment applies to both sides.  You can write to Paramount Television Group, 5555 Melrose Avenue, Los Angeles, CA  90038 or you can e-mail your letter to television@pde.paramount.com.

Dr. Laura's courage is an inspiration to all who stand up and defend God's truth.   Those of us who love God's truth have a duty and an obligation to defend those who have been blessed with the courage to speak it publicly.

Now, go take on the Left!

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