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Homosexuality Is Not Normal

By Reed Irvine and Cliff Kincaid
December 9, 1999

In earlier commentaries we have contrasted the extensive coverage our establishment media gave to the murder of Matthew Shepard, a homosexual college student in Wyoming, and the murder by two homosexual men of Jesse Dirkhising, a seventh-grade student in Arkansas. At the end of November, a Nexis search of publications outside of Arkansas turned up only a half dozen news stories and a dozen editorials, columns and letters that mentioned the Dirkhising murder.

Jonathan Gregg of Time magazine gave an explanation for this in an article on Time’s web site on November 4. He said: "The reason the Dirkhising story received so little play is because it offered no lessons. Shepard's murder touches on a host of complex and timely issues: intolerance, society's attitudes toward gays and the pressure to conform, the use of violence as a means of confronting one's demons. Jesse Dirkhising's death gives us nothing except the depravity of two sick men. There is no lesson here, no moral of tolerance, no hope to be gleaned in the punishment of the perpetrators. To be somehow equated with these monsters would be a bitter legacy indeed for Matthew Shepard."

But there are important lessons to be found in the Dirkhising case. One is that the homosexual lifestyle frequently involves practices that are both revolting and what follows may not be suitable for children. Josh Brown and Davis Carpenter, the killers of Jesse Dirkhising, were just doing what Carpenter, who is thirty-eight years old, had been doing for years—inflicting physical pain on others for kicks. Sadomasochism is celebrated in homosexual literature and art. Those who engage in it are not described as sick "monsters." There is a tendency to try extreme perversions in search of thrills. One, called "golden showers," is urinating on a partner. Another is using objects to sodomize a partner. In Jesse Dirkhising’s case, his tormentors used cucumbers, a banana, a sausage and a douche bottle. These practices are shown in the celebrated Mapplethorpe photographs. During the 1993 Gay Rights March on Washington, an exhibit in the Mellon Auditorium, a federal building, featured whips, chains, bondage devices and electric cattle prods as instruments of sexual pleasure.

Not all homosexuals engage in all of these practices and not all of them have sex with young boys, but many do. Homosexuals have argued that consensual rough sex that results in death should not be treated as a crime. They also have an organization called The North American Man-Boy Love Association that wants to make it legal for adults to have sex with children.

The Dirkhising murder came at a very bad time for the homosexuals. They were planning a major drive to get all the public schools in the country to teach children that homosexuality is normal and nice. They were lining up support from the teachers’ unions, the American Association of Psychologists and several other professional organizations. If our major media had given the Dirkhising murder the kind of attention they gave Matthew Shepard, this campaign would have flopped. That is why the homosexuals are keeping the story suppressed and why the rest of us must try to get it reported.

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