Media prepares to go soft on Biden for the next four years

January 19, 2021

By Ella Carroll-Smith

Throughout the presidential campaign, conservatives criticized mainstream media outlets for taking it easy on Joe Biden. The then-candidate often called lids on his campaign early in the day, preventing reporters from asking him any questions. He was never forced to answer on important issues like court-packing and his family’s ties to China and Ukraine.

Now, it appears Americans can expect more of the same treatment for at least four more years.

For starters, just compare the coverage of Biden’s inauguration to that of Trump’s four years ago, when the L.A. Times called Trump’s speech “raw and aggrieved.”

The Guardian went with this headline: “‘American carnage’: Donald Trump’s vision casts shadow over day of pageantry.” 

Biden is slated to have a “host of celebrities” perform at his inauguration, but apparently, that’s not pageantry – it’s just “a sign that Hollywood is [eager] to embrace the new president-elect.” That much is certainly true. Hollywood (and the media writ large) are also fawning over Biden’s dogs, one of which just had his own “indoguration.”

Popular singer and actor Josh Groban performed at said event after taking to Instagram, where he begged Biden to “let” him do it: “Joe Biden, please let me sing for [the indoguration].” 

What’s even more egregious than the fawning coverage of Biden’s inauguration (and indoguration) is how the media is setting the narrative for the next four years: Biden can do no wrong, so anything bad that happens will be Trump’s fault.

According to CNN, “Trump is handing Biden a more dangerous world. There’s only so much the new president can undo.” 

The Washington Post is gearing up to go easy on Biden for the next few years too; they’re “ready for reality-grounded White House Press Briefings” after Kayleigh McEnany “set a new standard of shamelessness.” Considering the fact that Jen Psaki, Biden’s new White House press secretary, was formerly a CNN contributor, it’s doubtful we’ll be getting many hard-hitting questions from CNN, either.  

The media refused to criticize Biden or ask him legitimate questions during the campaign in an effort to get him elected. So why should we expect them to start being objective now that they’ve gotten exactly what they wanted?



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