Watch: Here’s what Rutgers students are willing to believe about Hamas

Accuracy in Media has again conducted a shocking social experiment, to expose the ignorance and blatant antisemitism on college campuses….


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Exposed: The hidden agenda of campus agitators

“Are you a professor here?” “No,” said a woman who identified herself as Annie. “I’m a revolutionary organizer. “I’m an…

Texas universities ‘plot and plan’ strategies to skirt laws

Attorneys school Texas teachers on legal ways to implement 1619 Project

Corpus Christi educators admit to teaching principles of the 1619 Project but dropping the label


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ACT NOW: Tell UCLA to protect its Jewish students

Carol Folt must go – Take action NOW!

Tell Northwestern it’s time for President Schill to resign


Our investigations and activism garners media attention across the globe.

AIM activism spotlighted in piece on push for Northwestern president’s resignation

Adam Guillette in the Washington Examiner: It’s not too late to change the tide on campus antisemitism

Delaware Valley Journal highlights AIM activism in Pennsylvania


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