Mother Jones hits liberal media for Biden border crisis coverage

March 22, 2021

By Don Irvine

Mother Jones took issue this week with the liberal media’s coverage of the Biden administration’s border crisis, which exposed the problems the administration is trying to deny or ignore.

Ian Gordon, editorial director of teams and coverage, compared the coverage – which he called “Border Crisis Sunday” — to that of ESPN “College GameDay hosts getting ready for a big Alabama-LSU game down in Death Valley.”

What irked Gordon is that the media was actually covering a problem that has gotten out of control since Biden took office and has overwhelmed border officials who were not expecting the huge surge of people crossing the border.

The Biden administration has refused to call this a crisis, though Meet the Press’ Chuck Todd labeled it a “political crisis” for the new president as unaccompanied minors cram border facilities as well as the haphazard COVID testing of undocumented immigrants at a time when the U.S. is trying to contain the virus.

Gordon blamed asylum-killing rules implemented by the Trump administration for the crisis rather than the open border policy that Biden has implemented since taking office which has given undocumented immigrants hope that the U.S, will allow anyone who wants to enter the country to do so without any ramifications.

The media, which vilified the Trump administration’s immigration policies, is now confronting a situation that has worsened since Biden took office and can no longer provide cover for his failed border policy.




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