CNN editor owns himself in tweet attacking Fox News

April 14, 2021

By Accuracy in Media Staff

CNN Editor-at-Large Chris Cillizza took fire from conservatives when he posted a tweet asking, “Does Fox News cover, you know, news? Or are they just a media criticism shop?”

This comes after CNN’s Brian Stelter ranted about Fox News reporters not posting selfies showing they got vaccinated. 

Cillizza’s tweet is a quote tweet in response to Stelter’s bizarre complaint that a Fox reporter questioned his story about the lack of “vaccine selfies.”

“A Fox writer asked me to comment for a story mocking me. I replied, ‘As I said on air: Why hasn’t Fox shown live on-air vaccinations like other networks have? Why haven’t the morning and evening hosts shared their vaccination experiences with the viewers? Maybe you can find out.’”

“As expected, Fox left my Qs out of the resulting story. I ended the email by saying, in vain, “Please do report out why Fox’s biggest stars aren’t taking a simple step to encourage public health. I look forward to reading.”

“Fox folks can mock me, they can downplay their influence, but big platforms come with big responsibilities. Yes, getting the vaccine is a personal choice. But TV vaccinations and “selfies” are helpful: they show that it’s safe and easy. Who’s against that?”

Stelter’s tweets, which focused on attacking Fox, seemed to be highly critical of another media network. One Twitter thread, compiled by another journalist, showcases the CNN staff’s many “critiques” of Fox News posted on a public forum. 



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