Talking Points: Adam addresses upcoming NBC vaccination special

April 16, 2021

By Adam Guillette

This Sunday, NBC is airing a vaccination special featuring President Joe Biden. Here’s what Accuracy in Media president Adam Guillette has to say about it.

  • Hypocrites: Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, and their allies in the media spent months sowing seeds of doubt in COVID vaccines. Amazingly, as soon as he was elected, Biden suddenly became a fan! Something as important as vaccination during a pandemic should never be played politics with.
  • Priorities: The CDC called for a halt on the Johnson and Johnson vaccine because of one tragic death. The flu vaccine has killed people, too, but we wouldn’t dare stop administering it because the threat of the disease is greater than the threat from the vaccine. Perhaps instead of virtue signaling with celebrities in his PR campaign Biden can focus on pressing the CDC to resolve this vaccine backlog. Both the Johnson and Johnson vaccine and the AstraZeneca vaccine appear to be far safer than contracting COVID, so get the federal government out of the way and focus on saving lives. Far more lives can be saved by utilizing these vaccines than by virtue signaling on television.
  • Supply and Demand: The fastest way to get more people vaccinated is to focus on supply rather than demand. People are scrambling every day to get vaccinated as quickly as possible. This won’t be resolved by appearing on TV but rather by pressing the CDC to expedite approval of new vaccines and to continue administering the J&J vaccine.
  • Facts, Not Fear: The media spent 12 months terrifying the public about the threat of COVID-19. Now, they’re trying to focus American fear on a new target – vaccines. I would expect this from Jenny McCarthy, not from journalists. The media should focus on educating the American people about the facts rather than hyping emotion-based fear.


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