Talking Points: Elon Musk on SNL

May 7, 2021

By Adam Guillette

This Saturday, NBC’s Saturday Night Live will feature Elon Musk as host. Here’s what Accuracy in Media president Adam Guillette has to say about it.

  • Is it a Prank?: The funniest joke perpetrated by SNL this season is the claim that they’re scared of an electric car salesman. This is a show that happily hosts musical guests that sing misogynistic lyrics, but they’re scared of what Musk has to say. I can hardly believe it!
  • Counterculture: People have been asking, “Remember when SNL used to be funny?” ever since Chevy Chase left. The reality is that the show is often funny and still produces stars. The bigger question is, “Remember when SNL used to be rebellious?” SNL used to represent counter-culture; it was edgy; it was comedic punk rock. Today’s cast would be terrified of even allowing someone George Carlin or Andy Kaufman on the stage. They’re as rebellious as the Disney channel.
  • Don’t Question Authority: The Left used to be all about questioning authority… until they became the authority. They used to celebrate speech… but now they seek to silence voices. Johnny Rotten of the Sex Pistols is right. The real punks today are conservative. It’s far more counter-culture to be an evangelical Christian than to be an Antifa goon.
  • Conservatives Need to Preach Rebellion: Conservatism has always celebrated law and order, and that’s commendable. But those who celebrate liberty must remember that we don’t descend from the loyal subjects of King George. Those wimps moved to Canada or returned to England. Classical liberals, conservatives, libertarians, and anyone who celebrates individualism and liberty descend ideologically from Samuel Adams and the Sons of Liberty! These were people who promoted rebellion and who ignored laws while still adhering to morals. When the Left is making all the rules, we gain nothing from following them.


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