WaPo fact checker gives Biden a pass on deficit claims

May 11, 2021

By Don Irvine

Washington Post fact-checker Glenn Kessler, who recently announced that the paper will no longer maintain a database of President Joe Biden’s falsehoods, but promised that he would continue to rigorously fact-check the president, has gone back on that promise.

This week Kessler gave Biden a pass when it comes to his claims that his American Family Plan will not increase the deficit.

Kessler described how Biden proposed to pay for more than $4 trillion of government expenditures without increasing the deficit not even by a “single penny,” as the president has said repeatedly.

The president has proposed two main programs as part of his “Build Back Better” proposal, the American Jobs Plan, which would cost $2.25 trillion, and the American Family Plan, which comes in at $1.8 trillion.

Biden would do this with revenue from tax increases of $1.75 trillion tied to the American Jobs Plan over 10 years, while the American Family Plan claims revenue gains of $1.5 trillion over the same time period. But that still leaves Biden short in the neighborhood of $800 million.


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