Talking Points: CNN employs an antisemite!

May 17, 2021

By Adam Guillette

A CNN contributor was exposed for espousing antisemitic views on Twitter. Here’s what Accuracy in Media president Adam Guillette has to say.

  • Literal Nazis: CNN spent four years calling Trump a Nazi but now we’ve learned that had Trump actually been a Nazi, he might’ve ended up on their payroll! It’d be one thing if this longtime CNN contributor had just now said something horrific, but he’s done it again and again since 2014. But despite tweeting things like “Hail Hitler” CNN still published 54 of his articles.
  • A History of Hate: As a reminder, this isn’t the first time CNN’s been embarrassed by an antisemitic writer on their payroll. In 2019 they had to part ways with a writer who had been with them for a decade. Who’s doing the hiring at CNN and why are they so comfortable hiring wretched people?
  • Explanation: Americans deserve an explanation. Did CNN fail to vet a Nazi writer before publishing dozens of his articles, or did that just not care? Are they going to vet the rest of their writers? How can any American or any Jew like myself take CNN’s Israel coverage seriously when they’re clearly not bothered – or unable to notice – their association with antisemitism?


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