NPR pushes taxpayer-funded anti-Asian racism

June 1, 2021

By Accuracy in Media Staff

Near the end of AAPI Heritage Month, the taxpayer-funded National Public Radio released an article and data from NPR intern Connie Hanzhang Jin headlined, “6 Charts That Dismantle the Trope of Asian Americans as a Model Minority”, followed by a Twitter thread outlining the “myths” associated with the “trope”. 

In the piece, the writer takes offense with the fact that “Smart,” “Hard-working,” and “Nice” were among the adjectives that respondents offered up in a recent poll when asked to describe Asian Americans.” 

One chart, in particular, is a rather vicious “self-own” pointed out many times in the comments of the tweet. The graphic, while stating that it was a myth that Asian-Americans are high earners, subsequently proved that the majority of Asian-Americans earn more than the U.S. median household income. 

Next, Jin “debunks” the myth that Asians immigrate to the U.S. “the right way”, making sure viewers know that Asians can also violate immigration law. 

The article continues with more racist “myths debunked”, all while on a taxpayer salary claiming that Asian success is detrimental to other minorities.


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