Biden’s ‘European vacation’ gets worse: The press seems oblivious

June 15, 2021

By John Ransom

Yesterday was a bad day for American power overseas, but few would notice if they only read and watched the mainstream media.

President Joe Biden showed up two and one-half hours late for a press conference because he was busy placating a dictator, Turkish President Recep Tayyip Erdogan. Erdogan excluded the U.S. press from the meeting, ostensibly to avoid the awkward question, “Aren’t you a ruthless dictator?”


The media acted like crickets during a multi-car pile-up, going silent.  Mimicking Biden as he read a teleprompter when he was answering “off the cuff” and froze.  

If you heard about the U.S. press exclusion from the Turkish meeting, it was likely coincidental, because the media wanted to pretend it did not happen.

But that wasn’t the only thing that went wrong.

We watched President Biden on a foreign stage attacking the GOP, ignoring the longstanding rule that American presidents don’t attack Americans politically while standing on foreign soil.

“The Republican Party is vastly diminished in numbers,” Biden told foreign leaders, “the leadership of the Republican Party is fractured, and the Trump wing of the party is the bulk of the party, but it makes up a significant minority of the American people.”

It was a message that the foreign leaders loved to hear, whether true or not.

But don’t expect to hear criticism of Biden’s speech from the media in the U.S.

Because the message Biden carried wasn’t just popular with European-centered globalists, but also with the European-centered American globalist press, now called the mainstream.  

There have also been concerns that President Joe Biden isn’t up to the task of standing up to Russian President Vladimir Putin– and standing up for America– and nothing we saw yesterday would help dispel those worries.

When asked in front of a mostly friendly press about whether Putin is a “killer”– as Biden described the Russian strongman previously– Biden responded with 30 seconds of awkward silence and stammering that most kindly can be described as a “senior” moment in front of a teleprompter.  


But one wouldn’t know how cringe-worthy it was from the way the press treated the event.

Forget about the comparisons to Donald Trump, and ask yourself what if a George Bush reacted this way, or Ronald Reagan, or Jimmy Carter– when journalism still had a shred of objectivity.

Remember when Gerald Ford said that the Polish people didn’t think they were dominated by Russia? If you don’t, go look it up.

It was that bad a day for American power overseas, yet if you read the media accounts, you would not have known it.


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