Washington Post columnist bangs the drum for a Harris presidency

June 17, 2021

By Don Irvine

Washington Post columnist Perry Bacon, Jr. is apparently sufficiently alarmed at President Joe Biden’s performance to date that he has written a column extolling the virtues of Vice-President Kamal Harris that would make her a good president.

Bacon takes his colleagues in the media to task for spending so much time covering Harris and labeling her a uniquely interesting individual and a bad politician which he says she is neither.

He goes on to explain that he is not disparaging her, noting that while her biography is interesting, as a politician she didn’t have a meteoric rise, but instead worked her way up from San Francisco district attorney, California attorney general, U.S. Senator, and now Vice President without having particularly stood out from the crowd.

Bacon does give Harris credit for being a loyal Democrat and fully embracing Biden’s agenda and making her a favorite of the Democratic establishment.

As for being a bad politician, Bacon says the assumption is wrong and largely based on her 2020 failed Democratic primary run.   Saying, while she wasn’t the greatest candidate she really never had a chance to win since Democratic voters were committed to a man after Hillary Clinton’s shocking loss to Trump in 2016.

“And there was really never a chance that Democrats were going to nominate a Black woman. But many Democrats were also never going to say any of that directly, forcing them to look for ways to ding Harris and the other female candidates — “bad campaigns!” — to avoid citing their actual reason.”

Bacon argues though that the 2020 primary notwithstanding Harris has done very well politically having risen through the ranks to become the first female vice president and did it as a woman of color no less while crediting her with helping Biden win the presidency and saying that she could “absolutely win the presidency,” if Biden opts not to run in 2024.

“Most important, Harris can woo the kinds of voters who back Democrats in this era. Biden didn’t win the presidency by getting lots of white voters without college degrees and in rural areas to swing back to the Democrats. What drove his victory was a surge in turnout, particularly among young people, African Americans, and other Democratic-leaning blocs, combined with gains with White voters in the suburbs and those with college degrees in particular. Harris is a great fit for that kind of political coalition. If Biden, who is 78, opts not to run in 2024, Harris absolutely can win the presidency.”

“If she does, she’d certainly make history as a woman and woman of color. But in other ways — disciplined, experienced, in the ideological mainstream — she’d be the kind of president we’ve seen many times before.”

What Bacon left out is Harris’s huge failure in handling the border crisis.  President Biden tasked her with fixing an issue that had overwhelmed the administration and was put in charge in March.  Three months later she still hasn’t visited the border and has failed to clarify what goals are beyond telling people “don’t come,” while the administration tries to stem the crisis which has no end in sight.

This is typical of the liberal media–overhype a Democrat candidate while ignoring their failures hoping no one will notice.


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