Accuracy in Media Takes on Critical Race Theory Lies from BuzzFeed

June 24, 2021

By Accuracy in Media Staff

As the Critical Race Theory debate flares across America, Accuracy in Media has reported on the worst cases of media malpractice in regards to the controversial theory. 

This included a report exposing the Washington Post’s video on “white Identity”, stating that the hosts of the video “ conflate and confuse “whiteness” and “racism” interchangeably, to deliver the not-so-subtle message that being white, somehow, is racist.”.

Accuracy in Media president, Adam Guillette, while speaking on a segment of Fox Business called out Critical Race supporters, warning ruffled conservatives that “there are tyrants in their community that are ten times worse than AOC…”. 

In their latest coverage of CRT protests, Buzzfeed provided startling commentary stating in their description of the progressive theory that “Critical race theory is an academic term that has been misappropriated by mostly white conservatives”

They continued stating without evidence that the protest was, “Fueled by efforts from conservative and right-wing activists to ban lessons and conversations around race, racism, and slavery, parents in Loudoun County have claimed that the school district’s initiatives to combat systemic racism are proof that they are teaching critical race theory to students.”

Buzzfeed echoed the administration’s claims to readers, Superintendent Scott A. Ziegler was forced to clarify earlier this year that the school’s equity initiatives were “not an effort to indoctrinate students and staff into a particular philosophy or theory.”

Despite such assurances, some Loudoun County parents sued the school board earlier this month, accusing it of implementing “explicit racial distinctions between its students … in the name of ‘dismantling systemic racism.'”

While not under the direct name of “Critical Race Theory” Loudoun County public schools, published a Systemic Racism Action Plan that was the main source of complaint, and the subject of the lawsuit pending against the Loudoun County School Board. 

The “Detailed Action Plan to Combat Systemic Racism”, includes a “bias reporting system” which plaintiffs claim violates the First Amendment and a student Equity Ambassador program that excludes white students. 

According to allegations confirmed by the court, LCPS included this in their Q & A,

“The “Process for Selecting Student Equity Ambassadors” included as its first guideline for selection of SEAs that “[t]his opportunity is open to all Students of Color.”

[Question:] My child would like to participate as a Student Equity Ambassador and is not a student of color. Can they participate?

[Answer:] Thank you for your interest but this opportunity is specifically for students of color. However, students at each school have an option of creating an affinity group for students of Color who all share a similar racial identity and they may also include allies.”

After much criticism from parents, “On or about October 28, 2020, LCPS removed the SEA program description from its website and replaced it with a revised version without any explanation for the revision.

  1. The revised version of the SEA program description was almost entirely identical to the prior version, except that it deleted the admission that the SEA program was open only to people of color, and the two related FAQ entries quoted above.”.

While we cannot confirm that the official Critical Race Theory curriculum in use in Loudoun County Public Schools, there are racial teachings parents should rightly remain concerned about. 

The fact that Buzzfeed completely leaves out the fact that discriminatory activities have been proven to have occurred, is a blatant disregard for the other side’s perspective. 


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