Press sings from Harris hymnal on ‘root causes of migration’

June 25, 2021

By John Ransom

The national press corps has become backup singers to the Biden administration’s song and dance about the “root causes of migration,”  But today, Vice-President Kamala Harris got a stark reminder, the real root cause of the immigration problem lies on the American side of the border.  The problem is a broken border.

It’s a fact the progressive press will likely ignore – again, with help from the White House.

“So, the important aspect of this visit, is leading this visit after the work we did in Guatemala and Mexico,” said Harris, in perfect harmony with the White House and the press as she arrived today in El Paso. “This is not a new plan.”

No kidding.

Similar to the “mostly peaceful protest” chorus from last summer, the “root causes” chorus seeks to hide in plain sight the real problem by using twisted language that comes straight from Pennsylvania Avenue.

It offers no measurable solutions, only platitudes, tax dollars, and a sacrifice of American workers.

Despite repeated requests that immigrants do not come to the border, Biden, with his 2020 campaign and the assistance of the press, rolled out the welcome mat for any immigrants who can get to the Southern border.

“President Joe Biden ended [the ‘Remain in Mexico” policy] in January and his administration is now incrementally admitting migrants who were part of the program,” says the El Paso Times.

Incrementally?  The results are more than incremental. Immigrants have flooded the border.

Why are they coming in record numbers?  Because they believe Biden will let them in, because they believe he’ll let them cut in line for the American Dream. They believe it, in part, because the American press told them it was true. As a consequence, the U.S. border patrol stopped 180,000 illegal crossings in May alone, the highest number since 2000.

Biden and Harris continue to sing the song that investment in Central America and diplomacy will somehow stop the surge of illegal immigration. And the press repeats the chorus.

“A key prong of the Biden administration’s plan to address the root causes of migration from Central America is to bring more foreign investment to the region,” says uber-progressive website Vox, “to improve economic opportunities and give people a reason to stay.”

If foreign direct investment in Mexico was going to alleviate the crisis of people queuing up at the Southern border for American jobs, it would have done so after NAFTA brought record investment to Mexico.

So, the song remains the same even when sung from a different pew.

“The reason why it’s important that she go down [to the U.S. border],” Biden said emphasizing the diplomacy angle, “she’s now set up the criteria, having spoken with the president of Mexico and Guatemala, visited the region, to know what we need to do.”

Good thing Mexico and Guatemala know so much about the criteria to stop immigration at the U.S. border. Because Kamala Harris clearly does not.

The telltale in all this is that President Joe Biden won’t handle the border problem himself. That’s because without resorting to the very same policies pursued by Trump, there is no real solution to the crush of immigration.

And what’s coming from Biden and Harris and the press, is just a windy hymn to progressives.


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