Vice News says CPAC brimmed with ‘insurrectionists, extremists, and conspiracy theorists’

July 13, 2021

By Accuracy in Media Staff

In a timely piece on last weekend’s Conservative Political Action Conference, Vice News described the gathering as “an illustrious lineup of insurrectionists, extremists, and conspiracy theorists.”

“Members of extremist groups like the Proud Boys and the Oath Keepers strolled the halls of CPAC alongside mainstream Republican leaders,” Vice News said, implying that the GOP is cozy with “extremist groups.”

Vice News continued the left-wing trend of lumping in QAnon with the Republican Party. It said, “In recent months, QAnon conspiracies have become part of the core orthodoxy of the Republican Party…there was plenty of evidence at CPAC of a significant overlap between QAnon and the GOP.”

The bizarre portrayals continued, as the article linked Glenn Beck to the Ku Klux Klan and Nazis. It said he “showed off a KKK hood on stage.” Backstage, he “was showing off other pieces from his extensive collection, including Nazi armbands worn by victims of Hitler’s Germany.”

The article took pains to associate the GOP with conservatives who weren’t invited to CPAC. It intentionally said that Rep. Matt Gaetz (R-Fla.) spoke in the same hotel where CPAC was held. That’s irrelevant since his talk was unsanctioned and he wasn’t given a speaking slot.

It also dedicated a section to “white nationalist leader” Nick Fuentes, who joins with his followers to form a “white supremacist group,” according to the Anti-Defamation League. The article made it clear that he and his associates “were quickly shown the door by CPAC security officials,” so why even link him to the conference in the first place?  

Because doing so furthers the Left’s agenda to brand themselves as normal, admirable (and vaccinated). The Right, on the other hand, has gone from being a “basket of deplorables” to “insurrectionists, extremists, and conspiracy theorists.” In other words, mainstream voices are few and far between on the Right, and of the few such voices remaining, they fully embrace their supposedly far-right companions.


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