10 Marines died, but Vice News thinks Marines are bad guys

August 27, 2021

By Accuracy in Media Staff

The dire situation in Afghanistan reached new depths as 10 U.S. Marines were killed Thursday in Kabul by suicide bombers. Strangely, VICE, on the same day,  wrote about the 0.0032% of Marines who claim to be Neo-Nazis or extremists.

The title begins with, “Why are So Many Marines Neo-Nazis”.

Then the report doubles down on its generalizations claiming, “And although it has, unfortunately, become commonplace to see veterans connected to domestic extremism, two of these men were part of a military branch that has repeatedly popped up when it comes to neo-Nazis: The United States Marine Corps (USMC).”. 

Seemingly, amassing an entire branch of individuals together into a singular description is fine as long as the culprits are not minorities, “The Corps, Beirich added, is known as a “really, really macho, violent institution” that might attract more extremists and is generally seen as “a lot more belligerent than some of the other services.”

If “white” were replaced with any other race in this statement, the outrage would be endless, “Last Friday, the Department of Justice released one of the latest in an endless string of indictments involving white men subscribing to the tenets of the far-right and planning acts of terror in the U.S.”

More Marines have died today, than who may have been extremists.

If 0.0032% classifies as ‘many’ and ‘commonplace’  to Vice, let’s put it to the test and see if their standards hold true.

Vice has approximately 3000 employees, likely less in 2017 when it’s was reported that Vice had paid off 4 sexual harassment claim settlements. 

If you do the math that equates to ‘many claims’ or 0.13% of their workforce. One could go as far as to call sexual harassment complaints ‘commonplace’ among the Vice employees.

By their logic when Vice lays off at least 10% of writing staff in the name of “moving to visual storytelling” that is an apocalyptic amount of people losing their income. Lay-offs are now commonplace.

So we come to the conclusion “Why are so Many Vice Employees Sexual Harassers” and “Why are so Many Vice Employees Losing their Livelihood for Artistic Preferences”

Regardless, the preposterous conclusion that the Marine Corps is steeped in white supremacist beliefs is a gross generalization of a group of people, something of which Vice is supposedly against.

The public is then asked to report “extremists or extremist groups” straight to Vice. Once again we are left wondering where Vice believes extremism begins and having a different viewpoint ends.

“Do you have information about extremists or extremist groups? We would love to hear from you. You can reach Ben Makuch by contacting 267-713-9832 on Signal or @benmakuch on the Wire app.”

Past articles from the publication have outlined what they believe extremism is: Supporters of the Second Amendment and anyone who watches Tucker Carlson.

Accuracy in media has been investigating Vice and reporting on its sloppy journalism and bias that seems to go unnoticed by mainstream media or consumers. 

We’ve reported on the strings of layoffs, the underpaying of women, and the glamorization of the drug culture.

When will it end?


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