MSNBC attempts to slur new Kanye West album, calling it ‘MAGA music’

September 8, 2021

By Accuracy in Media Staff

On the heels of Kanye West’s 10th studio album, “Donda,” MSNBC won’t stand for the outsized cultural influence of music that Trump-supporting white evangelicals purportedly listen to.

“If nothing else, West’s latest album highlights the cultural power of evangelical ideas in America,” according to University of Pennsylvania professor Anthea Butler, who wrote the piece. “In this way, ‘Donda’ is an album well-suited to our current moment. Every day, we hear more stories about the legions of Americans who believe they know more than doctors, who dose themselves with quack cures, and who have disdain for direction. Kanye West may no longer be as groundbreaking as he thinks he is, but he’s definitely a sign of our times.”

“Donda” is offensive insofar as its creator once agreed with “evangelicals,” which is a codeword for white conservative Christians, as the far-left The Root has admitted.

They are the “people who believe in God but also think (or hope) that they may be demigods,” according to Butler.

“Kanye West’s newest album ‘Donda,’ dedicated to his mother, makes the strongest case yet that his true goal is to become a Christian artist for the MAGA generation,” she wrote. “It’s worship music for those who believe that despite all their faults and failings, God owes them forgiveness. West himself clearly wants not only forgiveness but also attention. The question is, does he deserve either?”

Butler may want to brush up on theology. In Christian doctrine, God grants forgiveness to anyone who seeks it. He would surely forgive West for once supporting former President Donald Trump and running against then-candidate Joe Biden to split the Black vote.

Butler fails to forgive West while defending the same cancel culture that has lambasted him for literally standing (on stage) with noted sinners DaBaby and Marilyn Manson. The former was accused of homophobia and the latter of sexual assault and abuse.

“Flanked by these two, the infamously over-the-top West may have fancied himself Jesus on the cross, surrounded by the two thieves,” Butler wrote.

In an attempt to misrepresent West’s message as “the gospel of hubris and prosperity,” she overstates concessions prices at one of his three album-listening parties. She even gets the parties’ location wrong, saying at least one of them was in New York when there was no such party there.

“Donda” is a No. 1 album that made the biggest first-week debut of any album so far this year. Eighty-nine percent of its undoubtedly multiracial, politically diverse listeners currently “like” the album on Google.


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