Have we reached peak Hollywood hypocrisy?

September 20, 2021

By Christian Toto

Optics are everything in La La Land.

The stars are impossibly beautiful, and they burn endless calories to stay that way. PR pros lord over celebrities, hoping to dampen any scandal, large or small, that might stain their client’s image.

The movies themselves, even B-movies, often look fabulous in our digital age.

When it comes to Hollywood hypocrisy, though, the stars can’t help tripping over their carefully cultivated images.

The examples are plentiful. Think:

The latest installment of Hollywood hypocrisy may be the most obvious, and damaging, to the industry’s brand. We’ve been told for more than a year to mask up to ward off COVID-19. Even as vaccines flooded the nation our leaders preached from the same unflinching hymnal.

Some governors even demanded vaccinated citizens mask up outdoors.

President Joe Biden and Vice President Kamala Harris routinely mask up outdoors, where the risk of infection for vaccinated people is microscopic.

And yet two star-studded events over the past week featured maskless stars enjoying the perks of their profession.

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