Teen Vogue pushes CRT, claims ‘patriotic’ American history is an ‘erasure’

September 23, 2021

By Accuracy in Media Staff

Amid the chaos of the Critical Race Theory debate, Teen Vogue targets the students at the heart of it.

A new article headlined, “‘Patriotic’ American History Only Celebrates Whiteness,” lies to students, saying that the new laws banning CRT are an “erasure of history that reports truthfully on the racist origins of the United States.” and attempt to ban teaching on racism and oppression. 

The magazine’s description of Critical Race Theory conveniently leaves out that the teaching is intended for college law programs, not K-12, stating that it is only teaching “truthful” history. Teen Vogue then goes on the state that any pro-American teaching curricula are only “celebrating whiteness” and a “fairy-tale”. 

Despite Accuracy in Media’s recent investigation that proved aspects of CRT were indeed being taught in public schools, Teen Vogue, among other outlets, assures young readers that the leftist ideology is “not being taught in public schools”. On the contrary, AIM discovered that the courts had proven that ‘diversity measures’ implemented in a Virginia public school violated discrimination laws.

Young readers are then exposed to radical left sentiments presented as fact, quoting Texas A&M associate professor Lilliana Saldaña who states, “Lawmakers, want schooling that will “maintain their power status quo,” she says. “They want a system that reproduces white supremacy in every social realm.” Beyond inflicting trauma and historical illiteracy, patriotic education ensures that oppressed communities do not gain knowledge of their political power or their ancestors’ stories of resistance to racial and socio-economic subjugation.” 

Teen Vogue’s content reaches up to 3.6 million people, mostly teens and preteens. The message that this article sends to students of color is that loving your country and learning about the triumphs of American society is an erasure of their culture and a detriment to their wellbeing. It pedals the false narrative that CRT is not taught in public schools and that people who oppose the theory want to ban any teachings of slavery and oppression. 



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