Vice claims Republican candidates can steal elections

September 27, 2021

By Accuracy In Media

In a piece published Friday, Vice scared its readers into thinking Republican candidates are planning to steal an election. Or, at the very least, that they are able to.

The piece, headlined, “Trump Is Endorsing Candidates Who Could Try to Help Him Steal 2024” and identifies many of the candidates who have received endorsements from former President Donald Trump.

“Trump is doing his damnedest to purge those democracy-defending Republicans from the GOP and anoint candidates who parrot his claims,” according to the piece. “Now, Trump is turning down-ballot to equally important state positions.” Vice spoke with Georgia Lt. Gov. Geoff Duncan, who told the outlet that “[t]he broader issue is how shallow the vetting process is for his endorsements. There’s really only one question on the application form: Did you believe in the conspiracy theories or not?”

“Anybody that’s going to be in charge of our elections and still believes in conspiracy theories bothers me immensely. It’s troublesome,” he said. “And some of these shenanigans are starting to track in a very serious direction.”

The issue, according to Vice, is that people in power will have a direct say in who is counting the votes.

Never mind that this is a conspiracy theory in and of itself.

On Monday, Vice published another piece headlined, “Trump Continues to Lie About Election Fraud Even After the Arizona Audit.” The piece repeatedly affirms that both the election process at the time and the audit of Maricopa County votes are airtight and not to be questioned.

The audit “was originally pushed by QAnon conspiracy theorists and Trump allies for months before [Arizona Senate president] Karen Fann sanctioned the recount.”

Vice appears to want it both ways – don’t question election results because they are reliably true, but Republicans may be able to rig them. It’s a conspiracy to think there was a problem in the last election, but not a conspiracy to predict a problem in 2024. The unifying factor? Whether Democrats succeed.


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