Media ignores Milley’s failure because he’s ‘woke’

September 28, 2021

By John Ransom

As the military’s top general, Mark Milley, prepares to testify in front of a Senate committee tomorrow about the disastrous U.S. withdrawal from Afghanistan, it’s important that we remember the media’s complicity in the disaster. 

Too often the media has been willing to let incompetence slide, if that incompetent someone is ideologically safe, as is U.S. Gen. Mark Milley. 

It’s especially alarming now given the cognitive decline in the White House. 

New information says that while the U.S. faced a timetable for withdrawal in Afghanistan this spring and summer, Milley, chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff and Secretary of Defense Lloyd Austin spend time each week meeting about “culture war” issues while never meeting about U.S. military readiness. 

“They never met once on readiness. But they met every week on transgender issues, extremism, racism, sexual assault, sexual harassment, et cetera,” a former official said, adding that that the focus likely distracted from Afghanistan planning, according to Fox News. 

And in these activities, much of the media cheered them on. 

For example, they reported on the partisan aspects of teaching Critical Race Theory in the military under Milley and other woke-enabled group-think, especially when Milley illogically tied them to events like the January 6 riots or the riots in Lafayette Park to discredit conservatives. 

The media hurrahed the creation of Milley’s new military, a political military that could help progressives defeat conservatives.  

Never mind that these activities had nothing to do with successfully advancing the actual mission of the military to protect the country, the citizens and ultimately the military itself.    

“Until recently, critical race theory was anything but a household phrase,” NPR told readers as a cover for Milley when he defended the force-feeding of the radical CRT to U.S. troops, while pretending he didn’t understand what the fuss was about — even as he apparently ignored Afghanistan.   

“Rather, it was used to describe an approach to studying institutional racism, as NPR’s Barbara Sprunt has reported. But it has become a culture war issue, and the phrase has been stretched well beyond its initial meaning, as conservatives in particular have used the phrase to raise concerns about race in venues including state legislatures and local school boards,” the publicly-funded “news” operation continued.  

Oh, so that’s how it was? Conservatives just misunderstood when racist, Marxists theories were actively pushed by the top two leaders in the U.S. military, to the exclusion of other duties? 

Clearly, the media preferred those responsible for withdrawing U.S. troops, citizens and material safely from Afghanistan to fight the woke war on conservatives rather than securing the safe withdrawal of U.S. troops, citizens and material.

So, who can blame Milley for grandstanding to the press gallery when an adoring press is anxious to cover for all sins for those who actively oppose conservatives?  

The CDC’s Dr. Anthony Fauci and Rep. Liz Cheney (R-Wyo.) are just the most recent examples of the get-out-of-jail-free card issued by the liberal press to anyone smart and brave enough to regularly denounce conservatives, as Milley does.   

“The key here is that we’re trying to end a war responsibly, deliberately,” Milley told NPR about the Afghanistan withdrawal last year, “and to do it on terms that guarantee the safety of the U.S. vital national security interests that are at stake in Afghanistan.”

So, that didn’t work out so well. 

But, hey, he can show you a great recruitment video for the Army– a cartoon about a girl who had two moms. 

For the press, that more than makes up for the failures of Milley on the battlefield — failures that for too many have ended in the cemetery. 


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