AIM quoted identifying media lies in Epoch Times story

September 29, 2021

By Accuracy In Media

Article by Zachary Stieber at The Epoch Times:

News outlets are backing away from claims that Border Patrol agents “whipped” or struck at illegal immigrants at the U.S.-Mexico border, though some are still using wording that doesn’t appear to be backed by evidence.

The false claims reverberated widely, making it to the White House press briefing room, where a reporter told White House press secretary Jen Psaki that agents were “using what appeared to be whips” on Haitian nationals.

Psaki and other top administration officials, including President Joe Biden, subsequently condemned the agents for attempting to stop the illegal immigrants.

But images and videos from the scene show no whips being used.

. . .

Some news outlets report things they know aren’t true, according to Adam Guillette, president of Accuracy in Media, a media watchdog.

He pointed to undercover recordings by Project Veritas of New York Times staffers and cited previous situations where multiple outlets were forced to correct initial stories, such as reporting on the Covington Catholic students.

“They’re not trying to go after a broad demographic with their readership, rather they know that the only base that they’re going to get is rabid anti-Trump, anti-Republican progressives. So they’re going to write whatever stories they can that appeal to that demographic,” Guillette told The Epoch Times.

Read the entire article at The Epoch Times.


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