Behar blasts Dem Sens. Sinema, Manchin: ‘They are the enemies … of the democracy’

September 30, 2021

By Don Irvine

Joy Behar, who is arguably the most liberal of The View’s co-hosts, lashed out Wednesday at Sens. Kyrsten Sinema (D-Ariz.) and Joe Manchin (D-W.V.) for refusing to vote for President Joe Biden’s $3.5 trillion spending plan, lamenting that they were going to be the “ruination of the nation” and were “the enemies” of democracy.

Behar was upset that the two centrist senators were sabotaging Biden’s agenda.

“Democrats have the numbers to make it happen, but Manchin and Sinema are standing in their way. They call themselves Democrats, and they will be the ruination of this nation. Those two,” Behar said.

She tied their refusal to vote for the spending proposal to Manchin’s ties to the coal industry which opposes climate change mandates — West Virginia is a major coal-producing state — and Sinema’s attendance at a fundraiser with “business lobbying groups” that oppose Biden’s massive spending spree.

“These people are destroying the country in my opinion. We are so in trouble in this country, I don’t know if people understand how dire the situation is,” Behar said. “If Joe Biden loses, if the Democrats lose, the Republicans, who are so corrupt right now and we all know that they will move in, Trump will run in 2024 – he might win because of all the cheating that’s going on. We cannot let this happen!”

“Manchin and Sinema must be brought to task! They are the enemies right now of the democracy,” she added. “Yes, we have a great democracy, but it is really on life support right now because of these two people!”

Never mind that Manchin and Sinema are voting their conscience and trying to best represent their constituents as they try to rein in government spending.

“The fact that it’s Democrats who are holding it up is making me sick,” Behar said.


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