Jimmy Kimmel claims Americans only disapprove of Kamala Harris because they’re racist and sexist

November 10, 2021

By Ella Carroll-Smith

Late-night talk show host Jimmy Kimmel claimed on a recent show that Vice President Kamala Harris’s dismal approval ratings are due to Americans being racist and sexist. Kimmel was referring to a new USA Today/Suffolk University poll that clocked President Joe Biden at a 38% approval rate and Harris at a staggering 28%.

“Sexism and racism are the obvious [reasons],” Kimmel explained to his audience.

Kimmel can’t even consider the idea that perhaps Americans actually disapprove of Harris because she’s done a horrible job as vice president. Despite being trotted out as Biden’s “border czar,” she’s done nothing to alleviate the ongoing crisis at the southern border. She was the “last person in the room” when Biden made his decision to withdraw from Afghanistan, which led to the quick collapse of the entire nation’s government and resulted the deaths of 13 U.S. service members and hundreds of Afghans during a suicide bombing at the Kabul airport. If that weren’t enough, Harris and the entire Biden administration have also overseen one of the worst inflation hikes in recent history, resulting in Americans paying upwards of 50% more at gas stations and grocery stores. With all of this in mind, the fact that Kimmel would then blame Harris’s low approval ratings on racism and sexism is not only wrong – it’s offensive to the American people. 

These are the same American people who voted overwhelmingly for Biden and Harris in the 2020 election, but now all of a sudden they’re racist if they disapprove of her? Furthermore, it was Democrats who disapproved of Kamala Harris in the lead up to the presidential primaries, as journalist Glenn Greenwald pointed out on Twitter: “Is racism and sexism the same reason Kamala had to cease her presidential campaign before the first vote was cast in the Democratic primary because her poll numbers were so vanishingly low among Democratic primary voters?”

Kimmel has been a figurehead in pop culture for some time. He’s won multiple Emmys and hosted nearly every big celebrity on his show – even some politicians. The Washington Post deemed him “America’s conscience.” Kimmel’s voice carries and it holds gravitas, so when he calls Americans racist and sexist, it has an impact. Our society – especially younger generations – increasingly looks to celebrities and pop culture icons as sources of heroism and truth. However, Kimmel has worn blackface in the past and began his career degrading women on “The Man Show” so he really has no place accusing others of racism and sexism. 


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