Bad News Biden is good news to obliging press

November 15, 2021

By John Ransom

Bad News Joe just keeps getting worse. 

A new poll from Washington Post-ABC News shows that just 41% of Americans approve of Joe Biden’s job performance as president, with 53% outright disapproving of Biden even as Democrats try to trumpet the passage of another big spending scheme by Joe as a huge success. 

In fact, the poll also shows that Democrats have a 10 point deficit on a generic congressional ballot with 51% of supporting the GOP and 41% supporting the Democrats, the largest lead of any party in the 40 years that ABC has been asking the question. 

“Fifty-five percent instead now disapprove of Biden’s economic performance – 6 points more

than Donald Trump’s highest disapproval rating on the economy, in September 2017” said the ABC poll. “Just more than a year later, Trump’s Republicans lost 40 House seats in the 2018 midterms.” 

Now imagine where the Biden would be if the press weren’t trying to cover for the Democrats at every opportunity; if the press would just tell the true story rather than try to convince you that you should not believe what your eyes show you. 

Last week Bloomberg tried to convince Americans that the poor economic performance of Joe and Company, the messed-up supply chain, was a good thing for us. Not having anything to buy will force us to live the way the U.S. elite want us to live. 

More for the elite, and less for the rest of us. 

It would allow us to be more like the Germans, that hotbed of White Nationalism, Germany’s main export for the last 100 years. 

Because, “if we are truly serious about protecting the planet, said Bloomberg, “being a good global citizen will take more than driving an electric car or installing solar panels.”

It means less for you. 

(But maybe, just maybe if Germans could buy more stuff, like Americans can, there wouldn’t be widespread discontent in Europe expressed as White Nationalism).  

And then there is this from the Intercept: It says you don’t understand that inflation is really “good” for you. 

Inflation, explains the Intercept, “generally accompanies economic booms,” so therefore, your pay should go up. 

While it’s true that generally economic booms create inflation, no one is calling what’s happening now an economic boom. Pay is going up, but when its stops going up will prices stop too? 

The cycle of higher pay-to-higher prices is known was the death cycle in economic terms. It’s not a happy ending. 

Remember when George Bush the younger was incredibly unpopular?  

The media wouldn’t shut up about it.  Every late night host went after him endlessly.  It fed upon itself.  Now we’re in the opposite situation, but all the media says is, “the American people will love you more if you keep pushing the ideas they hate you for!”

And remember when Saturday Night Live and late night talk show hosts would all skewer an unpopular president?  

Biden is as goofy and unpopular as anyone ever, but we barely see any mockery.

The danger isn’t that the American people won’t know the truth. The polls show that Americans get the message even without a press that respects them as the final arbiters of what’s good for America.

The danger is that Americans will continue to bypass the press until one day the press becomes obsolete.

And that’s a scary thought. 



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