The press is the unindicted co-conspirator of Rittenhouse case 

November 16, 2021

By John Ransom

As the Rittenhouse jury starts deliberations, it’s incumbent for people to look at how we got here in the first place. 

How did we get to a place where a teenager is on trial for standing armed guard while protesters tried to burn down Kenosha? Where were the politicians and the police and the authorities that we pay to keep order to protect a middling-sized town in Wisconsin?  

The answer to the question is that we got there with a lot of help and in the absence of the very people whose duty it is to protect us.  

Of all the institutions that failed the country last summer — that combined to bring us the Rittenhouse trial, and there are many — the liberal press bears as much if not more responsibility than most.  

The press should be, in fact, an indicted co-conspirator and instigator in the Rittenhouse case. 

For most of last year, the liberal media was a cheerleader, not for racial or social justice, but for untamed anger, violent attacks, murder and mayhem that rocked many American cities, that resulted in dead and injured, crimes against people and property both, while they tried to sell the country on the idea that the protests that rocked places like Chicago, Portland, Washington, DC and New York, and, finally, Kenosha, were mostly peaceful.  

At least 25 people were killed during those “mostly peaceful protests,” according to the Guardian, while hundreds of others were injured. The loss to property was in the billions of dollars. 

The question isn’t so much how did the tragedy in Kenosha happen, but why didn’t it happen sooner? 

The answer goes right to the quarrel that many people have about today’s press. 

Had the press done their duty, had they acted responsibly, instead of from purely partisan motives, had they spent as much time navel-gazing about the violence that hit America during the rush for racial “reconciliation and reparations” last summer as they have spent on peering into the abyss of the two-hour riot at the Capitol on January 6, 2020, perhaps a Rittenhouse trail never would have needed to take place. 

It wouldn’t have needed to take place, because responsible authorities would have been on the job, encouraged by the press.  

We used to have a press and at least a plurality of politicians who had these reference points — or at least wanted the majority of us who still have these references to still support their re-election. 

But in our long slow dribble down the drain of mediocrity, in a rush to reimagine even those things we had right, the press has abandoned the last vestiges of merely reporting on events, in order to become the main actor in events, the driving force and narrator of its own revolution.  


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