Accuracy in Media reveals Milwaukee DA in Waukesha case has deep ties to George Soros, progressives

November 24, 2021

By John Ransom

New information developed by Accuracy in Media says that Milwaukee District Attorney John Chisholm, the man responsible for the Waukesha massacre suspect being out on low bail, has a deep relationship with billionaire progressive donor George Soros who has helped elect progressive DA’s around the country as they oversee an unprecedented country-wide crime wave.

As the U.S. witnesses a surge in crime that is reminiscent of the bygone days of gangsters like Ma Barker and John Dillinger, there is one name that is strangely missing from the conversation who bears a lot of the responsibly for the resurgence.

That name is George Soros.

When NBC News wrote a report about the 80-person shoplifting spree in the San Francisco area, they interviewed ex-police officers who said that the thefts were the worse they ever seen.

“I haven’t seen smash-and-grabs in such a mass scale. … They ultimately blitzkrieg a particular location. … And in the matter of minutes, in just a couple of minutes, they can literally steal hundreds of thousands of dollars of product,” Andrew Scott, who was the police chief in Boca Raton, Florida, from 1998 to 2006, told NBC News.

But markedly, NBC did not mention the criminal reform measures that saw San Francisco District Attorney Chesa Boudin refused to prosecute shoplifting cases.

Nor did NBC mention the money that progressive billionaire donor Soros sent to Boudin and other radical leftist prosecutors across the country who have put Americans at risk this holiday season.

Nor has Soros been mentioned by NBC News as a factor in the crimes allegedly involving a red SUV that was seen on video killing 5 adults and injuring scores of others, including children, in Waukesha over the weekend.

Yet, Darrel Brooks, who is the only suspect so far in the case, was out on bail in part because Chisholm is a supporter of the Soros criminal justice reform apparatus.

Firstly, Chisholm is an admirer of San Francisco’s Boudin. And Chisholm really likes bail reform and other spooky criminal reform measures supported by Soros groups that puts ordinary people at risk.

Accordingly, Chisholm also serves on the Data Council for Measures for Justice, a group that advocates for the things like bail reform and other criminal reform measures that put ordinary people at risk.

Chisholm helps “isolate useful indicators of system performance” and from them develop “MFJ’s initial set of measures” on things like bail.

MJF CEO Amy Bach, in turn, is a good friend of Soros, having once received a cash prize from Soros’ Open Society Foundation.

Open Society Foundation is also listed as a major donor of Chisholm’s Measures for Justice.

Donors below that group on the website are merely noted as “Million Dollar Circle” donors.

Other donors include Chan Zuckerberg Initiative,, and the usual cast of California’s and New York’s dirty-yet-guiltless donor class.

But that’s not all that Soros groups funds inside and outside of Wisconsin.

“Journalism outlets funded by Soros include ProPublica, National Public Radio, Columbia Journalism Review and scores of nonprofit journalism schools and programs worldwide, including the Wisconsin Center for Investigative Journalism,” said Wisconsin’s Badger Institute, which estimates that Soros spent $48 million on journalism.

“No news organization should accept that kind of check from a committed ideologue of any stripe … the perception is terrible,” said Howard Kurtz.

Nor should any prosecutor.

It’s time for Chisholm to come clean with voters in Wisconsin and explain exactly the nature of his relationship with Soros and Soros-funded groups.


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