Ad featuring gay Santa shows appeasement of progressives has been a failure

November 29, 2021

By John Ransom

The Norwegian Postal Service and its advertising mavens showed last week that appeasing social grievances never leads to good results. 

As Neville Chamberlain found out in his quest to appease Hitler, appeasement only leads to more demands and less respect for the appeasers.

And we have found out in America too, appeasement of progressives is less than a zero-sum game. There is always a deficit of appeasers. 

In case you missed it, Norway’s post office put out a depiction of a gay Santa making out with another man last week, because, hey, why not take another holiday tradition from Christians and trash it?

The media and their minions in America were thrilled. 



It’s not like the press will defend Christian traditions even though Christians still form a plurality in Western society. Today, Christians in America have become, with the help of the press, one of the most downtrodden constituencies.  

One need only search the term “Christian” on a popular site like Vox or BuzzFeed News to see that the term is practically a curse word amongst progressives often combined with the term “white supremacist.”   

It’s not likely, either, that Christians will fight back, because there is some percentage out there among Christians who still believe in the appeasement of the social grievances that make up much of the media’s political goals.  

But it’s time for ordinary Americans to admit that appeasement of sketchy racial, gender and social grievances never works. 

Appeasement only leads ordinary, good-hearted Americans to support foolish progressive plans, theories and schemes that cost us a lot, appease no one and just lead to greater demands for more concessions. 

That such concessions create a wholesale loss of respect for great and productive segments of society as is the case with the Santa commercial from Norway, is not important to the appeased, who might think that denigrating Christians is a nice added benefit. 

When conservative Christians presented such fears during the gay marriage debate that they would be marginalized culturally and their traditions denigrated if gay marriage was allowed, progressives and the press called it a lie.   

“I guess there’s this political argument: Once you have one change, you’re going to get every change….” said Jonathan Rauch, senior writer at the National Journal, in 2004 during the national debate about gay marriage. “But all gay people are asking for now is the one thing that we lack but that all straight people already have – they don’t need to give themselves anything more. And that’s the opportunity to marry some person – one person – that we love.” 

Yet the LGBTQ lobby has taken more. 

Time has shown that Rauch’s assertions weren’t true.

To be clear, society as a whole and gays, in particular, are better off when people can freely marry the ones they love.   

This is not to advocate against gay marriage or gay relationships. But it is to advocate on behalf of a large section of people who do a lot of the living, working and paying of taxes in our country. 

Their views and traditions, like Christmas, should enjoy an equal measure of respect that proponents of gay marriage demand, the type of respect that is never given to appeasers of any sort.   


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