Grassley – and America — demand real press, Congressional investigations of Hunter Biden corruption as evidence mounts

December 2, 2021

By John Ransom

Sen. Chuck Grassley (R-Iowa) hit back at media companies and Democrats who previously called Republican reports about questionable dealings between Hunter Biden and his business associates “Russian propaganda,” as Grassley showed the Senate damning and independent evidence of influence-peddling from the son of the now-president of the United States. 

“These are the main companies that Hunter Biden and his associates use to funnel money all over the world,” Grassley told a Senate audience as he stood before an enlarged signature block exhibit showing Hunter Biden’s signature and “individuals connected to the communist Chinese regime” in a deal that secured at least $1 million for Biden from communist Chinese sources. 

The establishment press, which is still eager to tie Trump to the now-debunked Russia collusion story, has issued a virtual embargo on stories about Hunter Biden’s questionable dealings with foreign countries, especially China. 

For example, earlier this year Slate ran a story claiming that the DNI’s detail of Russia’s influence operations in the 2020 election campaign is more proof that Trump has been a Russian secret agent all along, a claim so silly that it feels dirty just repeating it.  

Yet Slate also led the charge to exonerate Hunter Biden during the 2020 campaign from allegations of influence peddling, before even looking at evidence uncovered by the discovery of an abandoned Hunter Biden laptop.   

In October 2020 Slate wrote, without meaning to be funny in any way, that the evidence the New York Post uncovered when it came into possession of Hunter Biden’s laptop and incriminating documents that allegedly show Hunter’s shady dealings with China, Ukraine and potential illicit pornography should be dismissed because the details have “raised serious [ethical] concerns among the computer-repair community.”  

The laptop was allegedly turned over to the New York Post and the FBI from a computer repairman who had the machine in his possession.  

In 2021, Slate subsequently tied the laptop’s discovery to Russian agents who, the magazine hints darkly, passed along the information to Trump. 

“In this way, Trump’s circle ‘laundered’ the Russian-planted stories, which were then recirculated—and promoted by Russia’s online proxies—as American news,” wrote Slate. 

Until now Hunter Biden has carefully not denied the authenticity of the documents allegedly contained in the laptop, which is strange behavior for a man so wronged, if the contents were fake, as Slate suggests.   

In presenting the new evidence about Hunter Biden’s dealings with China, Grassley called out Slate– along with CBS News and the Washington Post— by name, to revise their reporting, each of which called previous reports by the GOP of Hunter Biden corruption with foreign governments “Russian propaganda.” 

So far, none of the publications has issued corrections.  

“So, to my Democratic colleagues who falsely smeared our report: you now chair committees that have jurisdiction over these matters, I challenge you to use the same effort and energy that you exerted in the Trump/Russia investigation to expose the extensive ties between the communist Chinese regime and members of the Biden family,” Grassley concluded.


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