Gallup poll confirms Vox, CNN, The Week have been misleading Americans

December 3, 2021

By John Ransom

The media can say what they wish, they can theorize about all the ways inflation will help working Americans, but they can no longer do it without having to answer to low-income American families that are hurting by the policies foisted on their paychecks by reckless, out-of-touch journalists. 

A new Gallup survey says that 45% of American households are struggling with the effects of inflation, even as the U.S. continues a very uneven recovery from COVID lockdowns over the past several years. 

For lower-income Americans, the numbers are much higher.  

“Lower-income households are most likely to have experienced financial hardship due to price increases,” according to Gallup. “Seventy-one percent of those living in households making less than $40,000 a year say that recent price hikes have caused their family financial hardship. That compares with 47% of those in middle-income households and 29% in upper-income households.” 

The findings are at odds with the official line that has been echoed by the press since inflation first reared its ugly head in early summer. They are direct evidence that the press can neither write nor count cogently. 

“The point of all this is that when people think of inflation as destructive, they’re thinking of infamous crises like Venezuela or Weimar-era Germany,” scolded The Week in June as it argued inflation was good for low-income Americans. 

“Economies where inflation is threatening to rise are economies where workers have more freedom to organize into labor movements, join unions, and more without fear (or at least with much less fear) for their livelihoods,” they concluded. 

Similarly, CNN argued (again) this week that inflation is good for working Americans. 

“But on the whole, inflation can actually be a good thing for many working-class Americans, especially those with fixed-rate debt like a 30-year mortgage,” said CNN. 

For nearly 6 months, the press has alternately argued that inflation doesn’t exist (Vox), or that it’s good for you (Los Angeles Times). 

But now we have a non-biased report from Gallup about what is really happening to American workers because of inflation—not what they are told should happen to them- that rips that mask off those inflations lies spun by the press. 

Today those lies serve to do nothing but try to protect the Democrats’ reckless social spending plans on the backs of lower-income families. 

Imagine, even now, the Democrats threaten working-class Americans with higher taxes in the form of corporation taxes, as the press applauds claiming working Americans won’t be affected, just like they told them inflation is good for working Americans. 


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