Jimmy Kimmel trashes Ron DeSantis

December 9, 2021

By Ella Carroll-Smith

Late-night host Jimmy Kimmel recently used his platform to take a swipe at Florida Gov. Ron DeSantis over his handling of the coronavirus pandemic.

“Florida yesterday reported their first case of omicron,” Kimmel said. “And omicron reported its first case of Florida. But rest assured, Gov. ‘Omicron’ DeSantis will do everything he can to make sure as many Floridians get infected as possible.”

Those on the left criticizing DeSantis is nothing new. They’ve been using the governor as a punching bag throughout the coronavirus pandemic despite the fact that Florida is faring much better than many other states in terms of death rates, which is particularly impressive considering that Florida has such a large population of elderly citizens — the group at the highest risk of contracting and dying from COVID-19.

Even the New York Times was forced to admit that Florida is currently faring better than many northern states in terms of infection rates, including Democrat strongholds like New York and New Jersey. Florida is even doing better than California, which is where Kimmel resides and films his talk show. All Kimmel needs to do is walk outside to see that his state is currently worse off than Florida even though they have far stricter covid protocols in Los Angeles County, such as mask mandates and proof of vaccination status to enter businesses. 

Late-night talk show hosts have been using their platforms to spout their preferred political talking points for years now. Stephen Colbert recently had Jeff Daniels on to peddle critical race theory to his viewers and it was only last month that Kimmel used his show as a bully pulpit to claim that Americans only disapprove of Kamala Harris because they’re sexist and racist. Disliking Kamala Harris because she’s done a horrible job as Vice President is apparently impossible for Kimmel to comprehend. 

Like all art, comedy is subjective and no one is above a good ribbing – despite the left’s constant attempts to cancel comedians for going after anyone they’ve deemed a victim. Kimmel’s claims about DeSantis are different though. The best jokes are funny because they’re true, but Kimmel’s argument here is simply false. As much as the left claims that those on the right live in an echo chamber, they are the ones who refuse to accept that Ron DeSantis has done well at seeing Florida through the coronavirus pandemic. 

Kimmel has as much access to the truth about Florida’s covid statistics as the next person, but still he still chooses to peddle lies on his show simply to tear down a politician he doesn’t like. In short: Kimmel chooses lies over the truth night after night because the truth does not fit his preferred political narrative. It’s no wonder late-night television stopped being funny long ago. 


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