CRT is failing in public schools, and the media is to blame

December 17, 2021

By John Ransom

As the press helps some school districts alternately deny the fact that they teach Critical Race Theory (CRT) in schools and celebrate the fact that they teach CRT in schools, Florida’s governor Ron DeSantis has stepped forward to take the responsibly off the shoulders of teachers, administrators and parents and has done his proper job as governor.  

Now it’s time for the press to do their job.

Florida’s Stop Woke Act, introduced by Gov. Ron DeSantis, would stop the bitter debate in Florida schools around the controversial topic of CRT and call a time out for people who really have other things they should be doing.  

But more importantly, it will also force the press to begin to explain to us the benefits of the hateful curriculum, rather than engage in the shell game of denying its existence when it’s brought up and ballyhooing its benefits when they think no one is watching. 

Few topics have been covered as extensively as CRT has been by the progressive press. 

A simple Google search shows that the first page of the term for Vox is nothing but CRT for the publication. And their piece headlined, “What the hysteria over critical race theory is really all about?” is a typical screed. 

“Scare tactics,” “disinformation,” “dog whistle,” “racial and gender oppression”  — and, in scare quotes, “patriotic education” — are words used as Vox sounds the alarm on efforts by conservatives to keep CRT out of high school and elementary classrooms. 

But at the same time, Vox says CRT isn’t being taught in classrooms– or not very much taught in classrooms.

“While they don’t all name critical race theory — which in and of itself is not being taught in many, if any, K-12 schools,” wrote

And again:

“It’s not, despite what the Republican bills would have their constituents believe, being discussed in many elementary or high school classrooms,” argues Vox. 

If it’s not being taught in classrooms, then what’s the deal about stopping it from being taught in classrooms? 

The same goes for BuzzFeed News, which calls the fight over critical race theory a GOP “panic” or “a moral panic” and part of the “culture war” that Republicans are waging on everyone. 

BuzzFeed (which denies that CRT is being taught in schools by saying it’s not being taught in “most schools”) goes on to describe one small town in Connecticut, saying “The fight over critical race theory is tearing this town apart.”  

If CRT weren’t being introduced, then there likely wouldn’t be a problem over which they’d tear the town apart. 

It’s all the more reason that CRT should be removed from the local areas where tempers are flaring, just as DeSantis did.  

The public school system was not built to contain the kind of controversy that comes out of teaching CRT and if progressives aren’t careful, taxpayers and parents will stop going along with the system. 

It was one thing when primary and secondary education decided that controversial global warming topics, which are still just theories, would be taught to kids who had no discernable use for the information, except to become better progressive voters in the future. 

But for CRT, the media ought to use the old-fashioned methods of getting public support by explaining, building up support, answering questions and educating the public so that a consensus can be reached. 


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