Media unite in push warning of Republican-led government collapse

January 4, 2022

By Tim Worstall

What are the odds that three independent media outlets decide to run, independently, the same story on the same day? Depends on what the story is of course, if there’d been a ‘plane crash, then pretty high. But to independently warn us all that if the Republicans get elected then democracy in America is dead? That’s stretching the bounds of belief that it is indeed all independently. 

It’s true that three of those progressive media outlets are doing it though. Vox tells us that “No other established Western democracy is at such risk of democratic collapse.” This all being, for of course it is, the fault of Trump and Republicans and if Democrats don’t win the next election then that’s it, all over, for the experiment in American democracy. 

A Salon piece details how American democracy is imperiled because Trump is going to institute fascism and so Democrats must win: “the United States’ deeply flawed and increasingly fragile democratic system could collapse under the weight of a long-running reactionary onslaught and be replaced by a right-wing dictatorship.” 

HuffPost reported that “ Canadian political scientist Thomas Homer-Dixon warned that the United States could be ruled by a right-wing dictatorship by 2030, “if not sooner.” “ The conclusion being – and we might be detecting something of a common theme here – that all must vote Democrat to stop this terrible fate for our country.

The terrible flaws in the democracy are things like the Supreme Court ruling on whether laws are constitutional, the Electoral College, the imbalance in population representation in the Senate and even the separation of powers. All things that were put into the original system in order to make it near impossible to hijack the system. These are now used as proofs of how the system doesn’t work and allows that hijacking.  Apparently some didn’t stay awake in civics class.

But the real point here is the coincidence – for of course, it’s a coincidence, no one would plan this! – of the outlets all running much the same story at the same time. Vox gains some 20 million views a month and ranks 103 in global media outlets, HuffPost another several million and Salon 7 million. These are significant outlets and major media sources online. 

It’s almost as if someone were coordinating the coverage of how terrible Republicans are, how Trump is going to steal democracy and how all must vote Democrat, isn’t it? No, no, of course, it’s a coincidence because no one would coordinate such a thing.

On the other hand, if they’re doing this now, then how bad and how shrill are they going to get by November? 


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