Vox awards ‘gold medal’ to Beijing for merciless Olympic lockdowns

January 7, 2022

By John Ransom

With less than a month before the Beijing Olympics kick-off, many publications are concentrating on the more problematic aspects of the communist regime in China.

This year’s games are being dubbed the Genocide Games over concerns that China has been engaged, as a matter of policy, in a number of dubious activities including human trafficking, forced labor, wholesale environmental abuse, intellectual property theft, religious discrimination and avowedly anti-Western policies.

It’s a big departure from the 2008 games in China, where the country took the opportunity to use the games as a public relations campaign to bolster the image of China as a modern, forward-looking, leader of the industrialized world.

That’s why it’s so surprising to find that Vox decided recently to award China “a gold medal” for its fight against Covid-19 as the country prepares for the Olympic games.

Beijing will win the gold medal for lockdowns,” predicted Vox in its coverage of how the Omicron variant might affect the games.

China’s policy is basically the polar opposite of how the U.S. has been trying to live with the virus,” according to Vox. Any positive case is quarantined. Contact tracing, enabled through surveillance tech and artificial intelligence, can pinpoint a flare-up: Buildings, city blocks, or even whole neighborhoods are sealed when a case is reported, Vox concludes in awe.

While admitting that lockdowns are a “blunt tool” to control the virus, Vox adds admiringly: Yet as a result of the policy, China has had many, many fewer deaths” than the U.S.

The last several years have opened the eyes of all but the most progressive journalist–like those at Vox to the fact that China, under the communist party, is intent upon exploiting the population for the benefit of a small ruling class.

That small ruling class needs, more than anything else, for the games to come off without a major Covid outbreak, as unlikely as it now seems.

And they are willing to sacrifice their population to bring that off.

Most journalists in the U.S. and around the world are voicing strong disapproval for the regime in Beijing, for both the human rights violations that are now commonplace in China, and for the exploitive Covid lockdowns China is using to preserve their PR opportunity at the Beijing Olympics.

Xi’an lockdown brings heartbreak and dysfunction as political pressure to contain outbreak grows,” said CNN.

Tales of anguish emerge from China’s locked-down Xian, as hospital staffers are fired over woman’s treatment,” said the Washington Post.

Anger at Xi’an Lockdown Spreads in China,” wrote the Wall Street Journal.

Vox, however, is out of touch.

Just a few cases of omicron have appeared in China so far,” Vox said, apparently not understanding that the Chinese government continually lies about the number of cases of Covid that the country has had.

Vox even claims that China’s supply chain has had only “some shortages” as a result of Covid, ignoring the wholesale food and energy shortages that have been plaguing China for over a yearas well as plaguing the world’s supply chain.

For Vox, it’s all a positive development resulting from China’s glorious lockdowns

While over the past several years people have been putting on masks to protect themselves from the coronavirus, for China at least, the coronavirus has ripped the mask off a country that previously tried to use the Olympics to show how reasonable and mature it has become.

Instead, Covid has exposed China as just another brutal, communist dictatorship like so many that have come and failed before them.

It’s too bad that Vox can’t see it.


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