Vox changes masking, lockdown rhetoric to cover for Joe Biden

January 10, 2022

By John Ransom

Liberal media, in its quest to protect President Joe Biden from his inability to keep the promises he made during the presidential election, have come up with a neat way to win their argument. 

They’re just going to declare victory against Covid and hope nobody notices. 

Biden claimed he would defeat Covid during the 2020 presidential campaign as America witnessed 70,000 new Covid cases each day. 

Yet today, there is 10 times the number of new Covid cases every day, one year into Biden’s presidency according to the CDC. 

And that’s likely why Vox suddenly has done a volte-face on masks and lockdowns. 

After 16 months of banging the table about “masking up,” Vox now says that “Cloth masks won’t cut it against omicron.” 

Ostensibly the reason for the change is that the omicron variant is two to three times more infectious.  

But, before omicron, the delta variant was two times as infectious as the first Covid virus and had a 235% higher risk of ICU admission, yet Vox still rode the mask bandwagon. 

“As Abraar Karan, an infectious diseases doctor at Stanford University, explained to New York magazine in December, cloth masks and face coverings don’t filter aerosols — the particles through which the coronavirus spreads — particularly well; they can escape from an infected person and easily be inhaled if both parties are wearing cloth face coverings,”  Vox reported about its sudden conversion on why cloth masks don’t work,  

Yes, that’s been the argument that opponents of cloth masking have made all along. But they were shouted down by publications like Vox that swore cloth masks were effective, because it was a good means of opposing Trump who wouldn’t support mandatory masking. 

Vox even claimed that the GOP opposition to masks under President Donald Trump was caused by “precarious masculinity.”

The same metamorphosis has happened with Vox about lockdowns as a method of controlling the virus as Biden continues to flail against Covid. 

Vox used to condemn Trump for all the things that Biden hasn’t done. 

“By pushing states to open prematurely, failing to set up national infrastructure for testing and tracing, and downplaying masks,” said Vox in September 2020 in a piece titled How Trump let Covid-19 win, “Trump put many states under enormous pressure to reopen before the virus was under control nationwide.” 

But now, 16 months later, under Biden, Vox claims the science has changed, making the things they demanded of Trump unrealistic because people are “simply burnt-out”.    

“The federal government has limited authority to impose its own mask and vaccine mandates, as President Joe Biden’s winter plan for the pandemic tacitly acknowledges,” admits Vox. “It can offer carrots — mobile clinics and ride-sharing programs to vaccine sites — but wields few sticks.” 

The science that has changed the most for Vox, in short, isn’t the medical science that covers pandemics. 

It’s the political science that covers the butts of progressives in the press like Vox and their liberal ally, Joe Biden, that has changed. 

They never intended on beating the virus, but only intended on using the virus to beat on Trump.  


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