Disney, Spielberg cave to China with Jurassic World and Fight Club compromises for communist cash

January 25, 2022

By John Ransom

American media companies are rapidly succumbing to the allure of what the eyeballs of the 1.7 billion Chinese people will do for revenue, with companies trading supposed “liberal” values for quick cash and compromises with tyranny that is modern China under communist rule. 

The cult classic “Fight Club,” owned by Disney, recently made a splash in China, albeit with an entirely different ending than the one previous movie-goers are used to, according to Vice News.

It’s now a happy ending for the Chinese police state after the makers of the video bowed to state pressure to censor the movie’s original last scene as unfit for social stability in China. 

“In the version on the Chinese streaming site Tencent Video,” said Vice, “the explosion scene [at the end] has been removed. Instead, viewers are told that the state successfully busted Tyler’s plan to destroy the world.”

It’s not the first time Disney has caved to pressure by the Chi-coms to make money. It’s notable that “Fight Club” isn’t even available in the US anymore.  

Likewise Steven Spielberg, creator of the Holocaust drama, “Schindler’s List,” pimped out his new movie about dinosaurs, “Jurassic World: Dominion,” to the Chi-coms to hype what some are calling the Genocide Games in Beijing.

Spielberg’s dinosaurs appear in new trailers promoting the Beijing winter games. 

China has been credibly accused of genocide by governments including by the government of the United States making this year’s games a no-go for many. 

“China does not have the right to host the Olympics while committing all the torture, cruelty and genocide against Uyghurs,” Uyghur housewife Munevver Ozuygur, who said she had relatives in camps in China, told Reuters.  

Spielberg would beg to differ, as his company, Amblin Entertainment, creator of the Jurassic movies, rents out his credibility to front for the games that the U.S. and other countries are boycotting diplomatically because of human rights abuses. 

“A powerful corner of American finance pours hundreds of billions of dollars into both the XUAR and China in general,” said Rory O’Connor, founder of the Athenai Institute and Jianli Yang, founder and president of Citizen Power Initiatives for China, both human rights groups, in an editorial this week in Newsweek condemning the games. 

The table has been set for these compromises with humanity by companies such as Nike, the NBA, chip giant Intel, and NBC, which is broadcasting the Olympics — all of which compromise with China over and over. 

Intel’s CEO recently repeatedly apologized to China after Intel noted to suppliers that US law requires the company to not order products from the Xinjiang region where China has set up forced labor camps. 

“We found that there was no reason for us to call out one region in particular anywhere in the world,” said Intel CEO Patrick Gelsinger in his apology to China, according to Sen. Josh Hawley (R-Mo.), “because there’s many regions in the world that are having issues of such a matter.”

But there aren’t. This is a problem that’s confined to large, monotheistic, communist states that today include only China and its clients. 

And those who side with China, like Spielberg, Disney, the NBA and NBC are on the wrong of history. 


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