Coke is turning genocide into corporate policy after third Olympics sponsoring Nazis, Communists

January 27, 2022

By John Ransom

Unabashedly sponsoring two genocidal regimes as they attempt for the third time to hijack the Olympics into a public relations gambit isn’t just an accident of history for Coca-Cola, it now seems company policy.  

n 2008, when Coca Cola was criticized for its support of the 2008 Beijing Games because of China’s human rights abuses, the then-chairman of Coke, Neville Isdell, justified their previous sponsorship of the Nazi’s Berlin games in 1936 as something they would do again, because, like Britain’s Neville Chamberlain, Coke was on a mission of peace. 

“The sponsorship would have been committed four or five years ahead of that,” Isdell told WARC in 2008, “and don’t forget Neville Chamberlain was in Berlin on a very popular mission to talk to Hitler.” 

He added: “Not everything [about the Nazis] was known in 1938 [when Chamberlain visited Hitler] and the Olympics were in 1936.”

That may be true, but too much is known today about Chinese communist abuses of human rights and its commitment to genocide among its minorities. 

So maybe Coca-Cola should be out of excuses for the 2022 Beijing games.  

But it isn’t. 

Now, in fact, it almost seems like Coca-Cola approves of Nazi and Communist policies that degrade human beings, with forced organ harvesting to benefit the kleptocracy behind the Bamboo Curtain and mass rape to gene-wash out of existence the inconvenient minorities that threaten Maoist conformity — just to name a few of its genocidal tendencies. 

How else would you explain the advertisement that Coke ran not too long ago called “The Good Old Days” that celebrated the Nazi invention of Fanta as a substitute for wartime-prohibited Coca-Cola? 

“Coca-Cola has pulled an ad for Fanta in Germany after accusations it intentionally overlooked the role the Nazi regime had in the soda’s creation,”CBS News reported. 

“The ad, called ‘Good Old Times,’ was meant to celebrate Fanta’s 75th anniversary.” 

Coke ran the ad in 2015, ignoring why Fanta was created to begin with: World War II. 

That’s right: Just six years ago the company was celebrating the Nazi victory over U.S. embargoes that excluded Coke’s soda syrup in Germany. 

It should also be noted that the 1936 Olympics in Berlin that Coke helped make possible was part of a set-piece to the classic propaganda movie, Triumph of the Will, produced in 1935 that helped glorify and popularize fascist government worldwide. 

Compromisers like Coca Cola Company make it possible for regimes like the Nazis and the Chinese communists to use the Olympics — even in 2022 — to put a patina of respectably over the gaping, festering wound that these governments create.

And that respectability subsequently allows the abusers to spread their deadly malignance out of those wounds to everywhere. 

It should no longer be tolerated, even and especially at a mission for peace like the Olympics and even especially by a company like Coke.


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