No masks for California politicos as children can’t breathe freely

January 31, 2022

By John Ransom

California Gov. Gavin Newsom (D) was photographed indoors at SoFi stadium last night maskless, in defiance of the mask mandate his department of health ordered in December, according to local NBC affiliate KCRA. 

“Due to a recent increase in cases, CDPH has mandated that everyone in California wear a mask in indoor public spaces and workplaces,” the California Department of Public Health said. “The order is in effect December 15, 2021, to February 15, 2022.” 

But “everyone,” once again, doesn’t include the governor and his buddies, including Los Angeles Mayor Eric Garcetti (D) and San Francisco Mayor London Breed (D).

Whatever else politicians do, schools across California continue to mask student even though children seem to be the least likely to get infected and the CDC has said the cloth masks that many kids wear are ineffective against the virus. 

Last year, Garcetti ordered a $1000 fine for violating the mask order he imposed on the city. But fines and mask orders don’t apply to big-shots like Garcetti, Breed and Newsom, apparently.

Previously, Newsom was spotted “hobnobbing with guests, indoors, without a mask on, at one of the country’s most expensive restaurants,” the $350-per-person, French Laundry, according to the New York Times. 

But now that Newsom has survived a recall effort against him, apparently he feels impervious to the anger that has accompanied not just the mask mandates but the incredible double-standard that politicos have measured out with abandon. 

This, even as liberals are rationing as a public health measure many things one can buy in a store and most things that money can’t buy, like holidays with family. 

Or maybe it’s just because Newsom knows that the liberal press will cover for his many sins of mask omission, even as outlets like Vox try to cancel Joe Rogan for having an adult conversation about COVID measures in the country.   

“The recall attempt [against Newsom] was essentially an effort to hack California’s electoral system,” said Vox’s Andrew Prokop dismissively about the recall, refusing to address the anti-Covid hypocrisy by Newsom underneath that drove it.    

But then, Democrats have a history of virtue-signaling while they think everyone is watching, but cheating when they think no one is looking. 

Presidential candidate Joe Biden was caught maskless in a mask-mandated area, but his campaign laughed it off. 

Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot (D) went to the WNBA championship and tweeted out a photo of herself violating the Illinois state mask order. But alas, no consequences.  

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi (D) has also been caught maskless more than once. 

And she’s been caught repeatedly violating the anti-Covid measures Democrats have embraced even as it represents a kind of Soviet-style domestic propaganda, complete with Soviet-style denunciations by state-controlled media. 

Similarly, our state-controlled media embargoes criticism of these clear proofs by politicos of the impossibility of the life that politicians expect the rest of us to live and the hardships they entail — just like the soviet press would have.

And they do so for the same reason: The hypocrisy of the political class demonstrates the improbability that those measures foisted on us– more for politics than for health — will be effective in any event. 


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