Lionized for Covid lockdowns, press suddenly turns anti-China on lockdown 

March 29, 2022

By John Ransom

The liberal media must have had some sort of meeting that the rest of us weren’t privy to attend. Because last week, some of the bigger names in the press suddenly did an about-face and turned on the widely-trumpeted “success” of China in containing Covid.

Under former President Donald Trump and through most of President Joe Biden’s term, the media was gaga over how China was in great shape relative to the rest of the world, because, as the New York Times wrote, “Power, Patriotism and 1.4 Billion People” had defeated Covid under communism.   

“In the year since the coronavirus began its march around the world, China has done what many other countries would not or could not do,” the New York Times wrote.  

“With equal measures of coercion and persuasion, it has mobilized its vast Communist Party apparatus to reach deep into the private sector and the broader population, in what the country’s leader, Xi Jinping, has called a ‘people’s war’ against the pandemic — and won,” the Times continued.

But it wasn’t just the political liberals who sang the praises of China. 

British journal The Lancet admonished Americans as stupid, as much as calling the U.S. a country full of little Trumps — the biggest insult in the eyes of any liberal regardless of their GPS coordinates. 

The Lancet quoted a Trump speech to the U.N. blaming China for the pandemic and said a recent survey found that two-thirds of Americans thought China wasn’t doing a good job of containing the Covid outbreak.  

“It is clearly not an opinion shared by WHO,” said the Lancet, despite the growing data that the WHO was complicit with China in covering up an investigation of the disease.  

Boy, are Americans dumb, the Lancet may have added. 

“In a press conference in September, Mike Ryan, executive director of the WHO Health Emergencies Programme, offered ‘deepest congratulations…to the front-line health workers in China and the population who worked together tirelessly to bring the disease to this very low level,’” the Lancet continued.

Then, the Lancet quoted China’s non-credible tally of the dead from Covid behind the Bamboo Curtain, which amounted to 4,739 deaths. 

Now, a year and a half later, the official death toll in China is 10,534.   

But something recently happened in the bowels of the internet, in which mass media editors decide on a common message, control the narrative and suggest lines of attack, much as Ezra Klein, co-founder of Vox, used to do when he was with the Washington Post and ran Journo-List, the invitation-only message board that shared information among progressive journalists.   

Because suddenly progressive journalism is recoiling in horror about China’s lockdown approach, its degradation of the ability to make a living for common citizens, lockdown human rights abuses, which are monstrous in China, and the fact that lockdowns don’t work. 



“A stark example of the human toll of China’s stringent measures came on Wednesday, when an off-duty nurse died of an asthma attack in Shanghai after reportedly being turned away from several hospitals, including Shanghai East Hospital, where she worked,” CNN reported last week. 

In a city of 21 million people, it would take a lot of Covid cases to overcrowd hospitals to the extent that a nurse would be turned away because of an asthma attack, as the country has imposed a non-treatment policy on all non-covid cases, which suggests a serious shortage of hospital beds. 

Shanghai East has 2,000 beds and a staff of 2,800, now minus one. The biggest hospital in New York has about 2455 beds. 

China is currently reporting 2,000 Covid cases daily for the whole country, a number that Shanghai hospitals could easily deal with. 

But the non-treatment policy in China mimics policies that liberals suggested just last July about the non-vaccinated in America, as the US struggled with hospital capacity because of Covid. 

The policy suggestions to refuse to treat the unvaccinated were given wide play by liberals even on CNN which featured a doctor who refused to treat unvaccinated current patients.

“Only 10% to 15% of her patients would be affected,” said CNN.

Yes, and only one nurse in Shanghai died a completely preventable death. 

In a nutshell, its good way to describe how communists tend to make decisions affecting life and death.  

But there’s more: Bloomberg News is predicting that China’s Covid-zero approach is creating an unbreakable Covid-zero loop, of which China can never be free of Covid. 

This is roughly the same argument for which Florida’s Republican governor DeSantis was vivified by liberals when he insisted that his state, at least, wouldn’t impose new lockdowns over Covid 

Bloomberg called DeSantis’ policy “a game of chicken,” in August of last year, using DeSantis as a stand in because they didn’t have Trump to kick around anymore.   

Then there is the UK’s Guardian. 

The Guardian has discovered that as the numbers of cases rise, China’s “hardline approach is causing more deaths than the virus itself.”  

This despite the Guardian claiming in July of 2021: “Little evidence that social restrictions during the pandemic have added to rates of death and ill-health”. 

As the timeline suggests, something happened after July of 2021 to change liberal attitudes on lockdowns, and now they are unloading on China, as a way of bolstering the United States. 

Hopefully, someone on that editorial message board, in the bowels of the internet, where liberal editors decide on a common message, control the narrative and suggest lines of attack can tell us what that was that happened. 


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