Newsweek covers AIM’s Critical Race Theory investigation

March 29, 2022

By Accuracy In Media

Originally published at Newsweek
Critical Race Theory Being ‘Rebranded’ in Schools as Workaround, Conservative Group says
By Carly Mayberry – March 28, 2022

As the debate over critical race theory rages on, a conservative group has said teachers in states where it is banned are getting around the rules behind closed doors.

Accuracy in Media (AIM) said it found through undercover interviews in Idaho and Tennessee that school administrators had admitted to racial-oriented and other curriculum components being taught under different names. Both are Republican states where laws have been passed to prevent CRT from being a part of the curriculum.

The teaching of critical race theory, which holds that racism is embedded in America’s legal system and institutions, has become a political battleground between liberals and conservatives.

“What was abundantly clear from many administrators is that they are quite clever with coming up with ways to get CRT into the curriculum even when it’s illegal,” said AIM President Adam Guillette.

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