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March 30, 2022

By Accuracy In Media

Originally published at The Root
Conservative Group Finds Teachers are Renaming CRT as “Social Emotional Learning”
By Kalyn Womack – March 29, 2022

A conservative group found teachers in anti critical race theory states have been working around the laws by renaming their curriculum, reported Newsweek. Per an investigation by Accuracy in Media (AIM), school administrators from Idaho and Tennessee admitted to “rebranding” the lessons so they could teach the same subjects.

A school administrator from Tennessee’s Marion County Schools, Kimberly Shurett, noted that even though CRT isn’t “actively being taught” it’s also “not actively not being taught,” via Newsweek.

Additionally, AIM found the administrators learned ways to work around how to source their materials as well. Cindy Dion from Idaho’s Nampa School District said the 1619 Project by The New York Times was off limits to school staff. Instead, she used a direct partner of the project called Newsela, a platform for “taking real content from trusted providers and turning it into learning materials,” reported Newsweek.

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