NowThis tries to make issue out of Florida education system working

April 19, 2022

By Tim Worstall

Now This News reported this week that it’s Republicans – of course! – who limit learning according to preconceived notions over race and sexual orientation.

This is, yet again, bias being shown by those in the media who should be reporting matters, not cheerleading for one side or the other. In fact, what’s going on in Florida with those math books is exactly how the system is supposed to work in a federal system. The 50 states get to be those laboratories of democracy.

Here’s NowThis:

“Florida’s Dept. of Education Rejects 54 Math Textbooks Over Perceived ’Indoctrination’”

Florida is one of a number of Republican-led states that have enacted or attempted to enact legislation meant to limit material pertaining to racism and sexual orientation and identity.

What actually happened is that the State of Florida offers to pay for the textbooks used in its schools. Thus the state of Florida defines which textbooks it’s willing to pay for. Now, it’s true that the content of those books might not be quite to the taste of every progressive in the country but that’s up to the voters of Florida.

As the exact same events in California were up to the voters of California: “History Textbooks Rejected by California Board of Education For Lack of LGBT Content”. No, really:

The vote marked the first time textbooks were adopted in the state under the FAIR Education Act, passed in 2011, which required California’s history-social sciences texts to provide fair, accurate, inclusive and respectful representations of people with disabilities and those who are lesbian, gay, bisexual or transgender. In addition, texts are also required to portray people from different backgrounds and religions fairly and accurately based on “social content” regulations.

That vote on the 2011 law was five years ago, in 2017.

California, a very Democratic state, rejects textbooks on the grounds of the content about race and LGBT matters. Florida, 5 years later, does the same. Yet this action in Florida is the result of some nefarity by Republicans?

Now This News is small on the web directly, with some 400k monthly visits, but there’s a much larger video news operation there. Also, it’s part of a much larger group that includes Bustle and other such sites. It’s certainly large enough for us to expect some kind of balance from it.

It’s almost as if there’s some projection going on here. Progressive outlets get outraged at Republicans doing what Democrats have been doing for years already – choosing textbooks based upon political evaluations of content for example. Really, how dare they, do what we’re already doing?


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