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April 20, 2022

By Accuracy In Media

Originally published at The Daily Caller
Video: Iowa Educators Admit That They Flout The State’s Critical Race Theory Ban
By Chrissy Clark – April 20, 2022

Five public school administrators admitted that they are relabeling critical race theory to avoid Iowa’s state ban on teaching the ideology to kids, according to undercover video footage from Accuracy in Media.

Anthony Ferguson, the executive director for equity, inclusion and diversity at West Des Moines Community Schools told Accuracy in Media that administrators work around the state’s critical race theory ban by relabeling “critical race theory.”

“I think we can do a lot of this work without the label and just do the work, right,” Ferguson said. “I don’t have to call it critical race theory to know what we’re doing.”

Ferguson said that West Des Moines Community Schools implemented an “equity tool” that allows all literature, “even math,” to be taught through an equity lens.

Ryan Williamson, the equity and inclusion coordinator at Urbandale Community School District, similarly told Accuracy in Media that the state’s ban “hasn’t affected us at all.”

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