Salon mentions AIM’s investigations in story about Critical Race Theory

April 23, 2022

By Accuracy In Media

Originally published at Salon
What is “social emotional learning” — and how did it become the right’s new CRT panic?
By Kathryn Joyce – April 22, 2022

…To Accuracy in Media president Adam Guillette, it was proof that not only was SEL a “Trojan horse,” but it was merely one in a long line of euphemisms progressives would deploy, and which Guilette promised to continue to expose, “finding CRT wherever it may be.”

“Once again, we’ve seen that simply banning critical race theory will not get it out of your schools,” he said. “Teachers will call it social and emotional learning, or mental health, or whatever they need to call it so that you don’t think your child is being indoctrinated.” In all three videos the group has released to date, Guilette reached the same conclusion: The only real solution to CRT, or SEL, is a widespread conservative movement to promote “school choice.”

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