More news outlets are covering AIM’s Critical Race Theory investigation

April 25, 2022

By Accuracy In Media

Originally published at the American Thinker
Why the Classroom Activists Never Give Up
By Brian Parsons – April 9, 2022

…Social-Emotional Learning is a backdoor for CRT and gender ideology. After returning to school, some students have complained that rather than work to get them caught up on missing a year of quality instruction, they were instead presented with pseudo-therapeutic questions about their emotional competency. Some examples of SEL questions that students have been presented with include “How do you feel when you see two men kissing?”, or “If you didn’t have a diverse makeup of friends in your friend group, is it racist to seek out another race to fill your friend group?” This has resulted in even some lifetime Democratic voters raising red flags.

We’d be remiss to believe that Idaho has escaped the nonsense. In a recent undercover journalism operation by the organization Accuracy in Media, several Idaho educators were secretly filmed admitting that though SEL was banned in Idaho under the CRT ban, they simply teach the same concepts and call it mental health or behavior adaptations.

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