Salon: ‘Racism and toxic masculinity’ fuel mass shooters and GOP base

June 8, 2022

By Accuracy in Media Staff

In a recent Salon article headlined, “Why Republicans will always ignore the red flags of mass shootings,” the publication claims that “alienation, irrational grievance, racism, and toxic masculinity… fuel the GOP base” and continues in a rant accusing Republicans of politically profiting and even encouraging behaviors that lead to mass shooting incidents.

Citing President Joe Biden’s speech following the tragic school shooting at Robb Elementary School in Uvalde, Texas, the author describes the president addressing the mounting youth mental health crisis in America as merely a “bone” to “toss” to the Republican side.

With a vast generalization, this piece relays a Vice report that “two-thirds of Republicans believe in the Great Replacement Theory,” which was believed to be a potential motive in the Buffalo supermarket shooting that killed 10. The poll, conducted by the Southern Poverty Law Center — which is still likely reeling from its own 2019 internal equity and leadership scandals — polled 1,500 people total, of which Vice and Salon have portrayed as the majority of all U.S. Republicans. The “study” done by the SPLC is riddled with biased opinion, and lack of factual evidence, then spread by outlets such as Salon to bolster their agendas.

The piece continues with the usual ad hominem attacks against right-wing individuals claiming the recent spike in abortion bans is proof of misogyny and therefore support of one of the direct causes of mass shootings.

Publications that allow for articles such as this to represent their opinions for their readers only solidify claims that the media has lost touch with real Americans. Once decent outlets are hemorrhaging in order to cater to the minority who yells the loudest.

Accuracy in Media has addressed Salon’s journalistic malpractice multiple times this year including misrepresenting media research, lack of basic constitutional knowledge, and lies about the GOP’s broader goals.


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